Talib Kweli – “Upper Echelon” (88-Keys Top Tier Remix) Ft. Nemo Achida

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Just a little remix I started a while back for m’mellow-m’man Talib Kweli which got lost in the sauce from all of the other stuff I’ve been doing.


88-Keys... ( I Didn't Know How To Add My Name To This .jpg File Because I'm A Loser)

88-Keys… ( I Didn’t Know How To Add My Name To This .jpg File Because I’m A Loser)

I put my artist Nemo Achida on this one.

Enjoy the free download & share it if you feel it.

Post Script: I’ve never in my life even tried to attempt to do graphic design hence this weak cover art edit I did. I WOULD be embarrassed if I actually cared but knowing this isn’t my forte (yet)… I’m cool.

88-Keys – From Mom & Dad’s Basement (’01 Beat Tape)

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So I found this beat tape I made (my guess is back in ’01) in my parents’ basement four days ago out in West Hempstead, NY.

Initially I thought I only sold one beat on here but a few people who’ve already heard this pointed out the track which was used in a skit on The Chappelle Show (per request of m’man Dave himself). I totally forgot about that. It had to replace a Timbaland track which couldn’t be used for unknown reasons… But if I had to guess I’d assume because I was way the f*ck cheaper. 😀

So you may recognize that beat along with another beat which was sold to Yasiin Bey back when he was Mos Def. He SPAZ’D on the beat too. Check my blog for the backstory behind THAT.

Lastly, Jay-Z recorded to one of these beats as well which, to this day, I’ve never heard the song. Maybe I will one day though… Maybe we ALL will.

Anyway, I’ve made these beats downloadable for y’all to rock with. Enjoy & just note: these beats were created 13 YEARS AGO… I’m 100x iller these days, you’ll see. Just keep up with me.

Aight… Peace!

Post Script: I believe this photo was from ’85 or so taken in my home in Eastchester in the Bronx (NY). I sloppily edited out two of my three sisters in this photo. They’re not big on “social media”… & my parents, well… Let’s just say they’re pretty “old fashion”.


Nemo Achida – “Hands On” ft. BJ The Chicago Kid (Prod. By 88-Keys)

•December 18, 2013 • 7 Comments

A few years ago I did an interview for this beat making series called Chop Suey. There was a beat I quickly made on the spot (one of several) during the time I was being interviewed out in Santa Monica, CA at Red Bull’s super dope recording studio. One of the beats was used to segue in & out of the video interview. Many people who saw this interview always commented on one track in particular. I’ve seen a bunch of people make suggestions as to whom I should give the beat to or just put it out as an instrumental. I actually was never really into the beat & thought that I deleted it until

BJ & Nemo Vibin'

BJ & Nemo Vibin’

Enter: Nemo Achida… (a.k.a. Black Prince Harry) Rap PHENOMENON hailing from Lexington, KY who I met via Twitter a couple of years ago & signed to my burgeoning label Locksmith Music. One day, we were at my studio (The Rhinelander) about to get our work day started with making dope songs. So as I was going through some beats on my MPC 3000, pulling out old zip disks, I came across the “Chop Suey fan favorite” beat which I thought I deleted. Low & behold, there it was & Nemo liked it a lot. I had other opinions about it but I didn’t want to stifle his creation.

Yep... It's Teyana & Her Boobies (But Those Aren't Nemo or BJ's Hands)

Yep… It’s Teyana & Her Boobies (But Those Aren’t Nemo or BJ’s Hands)

While he was vining out to the beat, in walks m’man BJ The Chicago Kid who was in the building for a meeting. He came through to shout me out before making his exit but not only were daps given… He & Nemo met & creatively hit it off instantly.

So good people of our beautiful Hip Hop community, here is one of two collaborations between Nemo Achida x BJ The Chicago Kid & myself (88-Keys) for you audible pleasure & enjoyment.

Be sure to download & tell a friend. You won’t be disappointed… Trust!

Produced by 88-Keys for Keys Open Doors LLC / Very Good Beats, Inc.
Co-Produced & Mixed by Nemo Achida

Shout Out: Big shout out to the homey BJ The Chicago Kid for coming through & blessing us with his talent & great company. Thank you. Oh & he & I have a couple of things cookin’ up as well. You heard it hear first folks. Be on the look out!

Cooking At Home With 88-Keys

•July 8, 2013 • 1 Comment

Straight from Complex Magazine’s First We Feast website/series I do my best Raekwon The Chef Paula Deen impersonation (which, given the current circumstances, might oddly be more of an accurate description) & “cook up” in my kitchen.

I Didn't Pray Before I Ate; Don't Let The RL Polo "Head Wrap" Fool You

I Didn’t Pray Before I Ate; Don’t Let The RL Polo “Head Wrap” Fool You

(Click HERE To Go To Actual First We Feast Site)

Check out the photos, read who my dinner guests would be & watch how I put on for my kitchen. *waves dishrag in the air then places it back in my back pocket… on the right side*

Shout Out:

  • The photog Liz Barclay. Sorry you couldn’t eat my yummy food.
  • Noah at Complex Magazine for keeping me in mind for this edition to your site.
  • My wife Krista for not freakin’ out that I left a huge mess in our kitchen because I had to jet to my studio (The Rhinelander) to get some work done.

Post Script: I actually forgot to add the minced garlic to my dish. #fail

JJ Doom – “Guv’nor” (Official Video)

•June 14, 2013 • 15 Comments

Damn! I guess I haven’t posted sh*t in a WHILE huh? Hmmm…

Oh, THIS? Oh… It’s just a video that I’m SUPER f*ckin’ jealous of & wish I made… THAT’S all. *sigh*


Shout Out:

  • To m’man MF Doom for always keepin’ it thorough since the days when we used to chill in my hometown West Hempstead, NY (at the Star Salon barbershop) & Long Beach, NY.
  • R.I.P. To The One Subroc.

Post Script: …but I DO have a video concept I’m going to take a stab at shooting & directing m’DAMNself for my artist Tre DeJean for his song I produced called “Gypsy Cab Confessions”. The concept I have for the video is pretty f*ckin’ crazy. Wish me/us luck.

Toyota “I Wish” Commercial

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I remember back in the day I used to clown this song & anybody who said they liked it (though I couldn’t really find anyone who SAID they did).

We were ALL lying to ourselves & each other as this song was actually pretty dope & most definitely holds it’s place in nostalgic Hip Hop history.

Shout Out: Skee-Lo. You made a true classic.

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Von Pea (dot)com.


Yessur…the black tees are back. if you want one you can get it here for $20. It includes the “Gatekeepers” joint we recorded for Mick Boogie, the instrumental (which is mostly just a sample until the hook comes in lol) and it also includes a thumbs up from the both of us that you’ll be able to sense from the universe once you hit “add to cart”. I’m about to send you a free one now…..sensed it? now youll get two more of those when you cop the tee. Nice.

Tanya Morgan Black/Red Logo Tee

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Homeboy Sandman – “Not Really” (Video)

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Nemo Achida – Conversations With Myself

•October 18, 2012 • 2 Comments

Here is a SELF-PRODUCED EP by my artist Nemo Achida. You’re going to want to download this to add to your collection of Nemo Achida music & also so you could hear how I flip each song on the upcoming remix project I’m doing for this EP. More details to come but for now, enjoy the freshness!

I Just Found This Beat: Travie McCoy Edition

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88-Keys & Travie McCoy Caving The Roof In At Ace’s In Austin, TX

Here’s a beat I made a couple of years ago which I never finished. I made this to pitch to Travie McCoy when he was working on Lazarus I believe. Again… This is unfinished material; a beat I literally cooked up in a few minutes, but could YOU hear Travie on this? Let me know. Post your comments below & share with your friends… & enemies too. Fuck it!

Shout Out: To m’man Travie McCoy yo we have to get up. I glanced at your Twitter profile & it seems like you moved (back) out here to The Rotten Apple. Holla!