Iron Solomon… More Like Iron Maiden

One day early last year while in the studio with my Grammy Family “cousins” (Consequence & b.f.f. Kanye2Tha) ‘Quence, in a pretty hyped manner, asked us if we heard about this “white kid” named Iron Solomon? Oh a white dude? Who raps? Great! Now I’m thinking this conversation could have gone one of two ways: 1. either this dude is incredibly wack & miraculously receiving a lot props & attention OR 2. this dude is just incredible. Now anybody who personally knows Consequence knows that he’s a very tough critic especially when it comes to other rap artists. So for him to even mention Iron Solomon to us was proof enough that I should automatically run with my latter thought – “this white dude must be incredible.”

Special Guest Appearance By Iron Solomon As... The Incredible White Dude.

Special Guest Appearance By Iron Solomon As... The Incredible White Dude.

Now while Consequence is telling us how ill this dude was he breaks out his MacBook Pro. He’s telling us that Iron Solomon destroys all competition in off the top of his head TRUE freestyle battles. I can’t speak for ‘ye but I’m pretty skeptical at this point. ‘Quence goes to YouTube & shows us one of Iron Solomon’s battles. WOW! This can’t be off the top of his head because it’s too damn clever yet… He’s referencing certain lines from which he just heard from his competitor. By this time all three of us are laughing @ all of Iron Solomon’s crazy punch lines & being wowed by his wordplay. Kudos!

(In this clip shown above you can tell that Iron’s opponent Flamez is spittin’ written raps… or at least I could.)

In this Iron Solomon vs. Flamez battle there wasn’t anything Flamez said which directly correlated to Iron Solomon. Like he didn’t even mention his name let alone Iron’s gear or said anything about their surroundings. These raps could have just lived on a hard/gutta beat & been verses from a song easily. Flamez can rap pretty well but Iron took him out… Easy!)

So since ‘Quence put me on, I’ve been watching this dude destroy other rappers on YouTube. Crazy! Battle after battle after battle. I actually start “spreadin’ the news” like Ol’ Blue Eyes about Iron Solomon m’DAMNyself. Anybody who was willing to listen & give me 2 minutes of their attention, I’d tell them about Iron then show them a YouTube clip. Every single person was impressed. From my wife, to The Alchemist & Evidence even to Q-Tip. The battle I showed Q-Tip might be one for the history books though. I’ve showed people the Iron Solomon vs. Math Hoffa battle in the famed Fat Beats store in NYC. So far it’s a split decision. Both ‘warriors’ came out with guns blazin’. I remember ‘Tip going back & forth w/his decision & eventually gave it up to Math. It was a close call but for me Iron got it. Either way, this was a great battle. 3 rounds of pure raw genius talent. I applaud you both Iron Solomon & Math Hoffa. Very entertaining indeed.

(Now I’m teasing you all with round 1 of this battle. Click on the rappers names above to be directed to the remaining rounds.)

Iron Solomon Came Thru w/His 'Lo "A" Game.

Iron Came Thru with His 'Lo "A" Game.

By this time I’ve become a full fledged Iron Solomon fan. Catching as many of his battles on YouTube as possible. I’ve even gone down to Fat Beats, NYC to purchase any mix tapes or albums he might have out. Unfortunately there wasn’t any music available. Months down the line my manager/b.f.f. Daniel tells me he met Iron @ Chung King Studios the other night. He knew this would peak my interest as he was one of the many people I turned onto Iron’s battles. He let’s me know that Iron wanted to get up with me. I’m like, “Dope! Set it up.” Now Daniel did mention something about an interview but I was thinking both Iron Solomon & I were to be interviewed for some online or magazine outlet. In the back of my mind I was praying that which ever media outlet was interested in interviewing the both of us they wouldn’t ask us to battle or even freestyle because I’m going to look very bad trying to rap next to Iron. They might as well have asked my 2 year old daughter Chloë Yoshe to spit her “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” verse. That’d have been better & far more entertaining. ;)Fortunately for me I misunderstood the request. It was IRON SOLOMON who wanted to interview ME. I thought this was a pretty odd request but any chance I could get to meeting Iron I’m down for. I really respect his work.

So Iron comes thru to my apt. on March 8th on a Sunday morning PROMPTLY @ 10:30 a.m. as scheduled.Complete with his very own super professional two-man video crew in tow, they set up my make shift ‘studio’ (/master bedroom) to look like an ill lab. Thanks for the smoke ‘n’ mirrors guys. 😀 So Iron & I get t’chattin’ way before the camera start rolling. Now judging from these battles & Iron’s clever execution of words (& victims) one would naturally assumed that he eats, sh*ts & breathes nothing but hip hop. That ol’ boom bap we’ve all become oh too familiar with. Um… WRONG! This dude knew a LOT about music from a musician’s standpoint. I was quite impressed. He plays several instruments being most swift on the guitar. He told me about some of his past musical influences & who he grew up listening to; The few people he mentioned were not rappers. Actually far from it. Not to say he didn’t listen to rap music as a lickle yout’ but I was a bit surprised when he mentioned he listened to some heavy rock ‘n’ rollers. All good though. Me too!

The interview goes by smoothly. Both Iron Solomon & I expressed wanting to work on some music together so be on the look out when that comes. It will be dope for sure. Also, check make sure you keep your eyes & ears open for Iron Solomon, his group The SVengali Bros. (which consists of him & his partner/brother-from-another Vanguard) & his crew End of The Weak. (Dope name right?) Well, all in all, make sure you support Iron Solomon & his movement. He’s making a lot of dope moves. Definitely an artist you all need to look out for. Now for all of his existing fans, maybe you won’t be TOO shocked or think that he’s a rapper who’s “getting on that Lil’ Wayne sh*t” when you see him on the mic with a guitar in his hand killin’ it. Like going way beyond stroking out a few chords but actually knowing how to play the guitar & play it well. Peace!


  1. Okay so he can’t be all the way hip hop… This dude showed up ON TIME! 😀


  • Consequence for putting me onto Iron Solomon.
  • Iron Solomon & his video crew. Thanks for making my studio look flyer than it actually is. Also, if this music & video thing doesn’t work out for y’all, you guys have a promising career as professional movers. I swear. 😀
  • Krista my wife for taking these super dope photos. Your skills get better & better with each “{SNAP}”. 😉

~ by 88-Keys on March 10, 2009.

42 Responses to “Iron Solomon… More Like Iron Maiden”

  1. I know I’m just short of a year late but that iron vs math battle was incredibly dope. Think I have to give it to Math purely based on how he ended things with the bit about King Solomon. Props though for putting me on to this dude Iron though, will definantly be keeping up with your site now.

    An idea for a future blog post, “Iron Soloman X New 88 Keys Beat”


  2. else one can suck a dick


  3. And Saafir. Peace


    • I’ve never heard Saafir freestyle other than Casual’s debut album. If he has anything on YouTube or something, please post it up. I’d like to see it. I like Saafir but haven’t heard his music since Boxcar Sessions.


  4. Iron Soloman is definately ill as fuck but it’s hard to call that Math battles. If I had to chose I’d say Soloman by a very small margin. I’d def like to see a rematch on that 1 though. A couple of other cats u should check out are Illmaculate, Thesaurus, Hommy Hom, Dose One(If you can concieve what he’s saying he’s def onhe of the best and most original mc’s on the planet), ummmm shit… Serious Jones, NoCanDo, Eyedea, ohh yeah and Justice. One


    • I know about Hommy Hom, Illmaculate & TheSaurus. I really like the latter two. They’re funny & clever as Hell. I may have watched all of their YouTube videos. Serius Jones is my guy. He’s actually on my mixtape. My other favorites are Marvwon & Quest McCody. They’re super dope.


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