Behind The Scenes With Clifford & Rufus.

…& I’m STILL Sucker Free… (even though ‘ye beat me to the punch)!



  • KanYe2Tha once again, can’t thank you enough.
  • DJ Enuff, thanks for breaking my record on Hot 97… AND going all out AND spinning “Handcuff ‘Em”. You know what people like to hear. (People’s choice). 😉
  • Goldwatch… For your “genius”. 😉
  • Don C. for staying on that iCal & helping to make this shoot possible.
  • Peter Bittenbender & Decon staff. The support, vision & not throwing in the towel when timing looked bleek.
  • Last but not least, Clifford & Rufus. People are starting to demand a ‘reality show’ with you old farts. What say you?
  • 😉


~ by 88-Keys on April 12, 2009.

19 Responses to “Behind The Scenes With Clifford & Rufus.”

  1. Haha! that looked like something me an my homeboy would want to do I jus dont know if I could breathe thru some tubes like that im a lil claustrophobic the video was great tho! I was crackin up close to the end when yall were dancin!


    • We had fun from the morning we started to the time we wrapped up the video. Kanye actually wanted to go out to the club like this AFTER we were done shooting the video. It was somewhat liberating for him to be able to walk around freely without being recognized.

      88-Keys – The Death of Adam


  2. this was when i first became a real fan…i heard of you before but this is when i really pursued listening to your music


  3. hey, on “the death of adam” who’s the girl narrating?


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