JJ Doom – “Guv’nor” (Official Video)

Damn! I guess I haven’t posted sh*t in a WHILE huh? Hmmm…

Oh, THIS? Oh… It’s just a video that I’m SUPER f*ckin’ jealous of & wish I made… THAT’S all. *sigh*


Shout Out:

  • To m’man MF Doom for always keepin’ it thorough since the days when we used to chill in my hometown West Hempstead, NY (at the Star Salon barbershop) & Long Beach, NY.
  • R.I.P. To The One Subroc.

Post Script: …but I DO have a video concept I’m going to take a stab at shooting & directing m’DAMNself for my artist Tre DeJean for his song I produced called “Gypsy Cab Confessions”. The concept I have for the video is pretty f*ckin’ crazy. Wish me/us luck.


~ by 88-Keys on June 14, 2013.

15 Responses to “JJ Doom – “Guv’nor” (Official Video)”

  1. Btw, im wondering who produced this? Him, Madlib? Gotta do my research!


    • The info is written on Doom’s YouTube channel which you should subscribe to. I think his name is Jareal Janerio or something like that hence the group name: JJ Doom.


      • Word, ok I see. But yea, that’s want I meant, other than the song, the video was definitely a work or art. That “spilt screen” concept was dope.

        Other than that, like I said, im always listening.



        • Yeah man. This is crazy. Great use of split screen. I sent this to Kanye the day after I found it on YouTube. Normally he hits me right back. He didn’t reply. Then when I saw him a few days later I asked him about it & he felt the same way I did. *ha*


          • Lol word, I bet he was pissed he didn’t do it first. Still though, great minds create great things. Im positive you and him can come up with something to top Doom.


          • I’m personally not looking to “top” anything dope. Just add to the dopeness for my Hip Hop culture & community.


          • Word, I hear you, but, I didn’t mean that literally ha. I should’ve said equal to instead. Or, as good as. I know you and others are creative. Such as myself.


        • Exactly why I hate posting online from my phone. The auto spell makes me look illiterate lol. Im sure you know what im saying though. Word up.


          • Yeah. All good. I have an iPhone so it both learned my errors + I’ve had an iPhone for so long that I could pretty much type without looking which is kind of crazy considering there no “feel” to the keypad like a Blackberry or so.


      • His name is Jnerio Jarel, you should actually check out his discography.


  2. Worddd, I see why, bruh. MF Doom, man. One word, incredible. Anyway, good luck to you and other, big homie. Im always listening. God bless.


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