Cooking At Home With 88-Keys

Straight from Complex Magazine’s First We Feast website/series I do my best Raekwon The Chef Paula Deen impersonation (which, given the current circumstances, might oddly be more of an accurate description) & “cook up” in my kitchen.

I Didn't Pray Before I Ate; Don't Let The RL Polo "Head Wrap" Fool You

I Didn’t Pray Before I Ate; Don’t Let The RL Polo “Head Wrap” Fool You

(Click HERE To Go To Actual First We Feast Site)

Check out the photos, read who my dinner guests would be & watch how I put on for my kitchen. *waves dishrag in the air then places it back in my back pocket… on the right side*

Shout Out:

  • The photog Liz Barclay. Sorry you couldn’t eat my yummy food.
  • Noah at Complex Magazine for keeping me in mind for this edition to your site.
  • My wife Krista for not freakin’ out that I left a huge mess in our kitchen because I had to jet to my studio (The Rhinelander) to get some work done.

Post Script: I actually forgot to add the minced garlic to my dish. #fail


~ by 88-Keys on July 8, 2013.

One Response to “Cooking At Home With 88-Keys”

  1. You best be mincing that garlic yourself… i dont wana hear about that pre minced sour excuse for garlic with the blue and yellow label!!!


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