Nemo Achida – “Hands On” ft. BJ The Chicago Kid (Prod. By 88-Keys)

A few years ago I did an interview for this beat making series called Chop Suey. There was a beat I quickly made on the spot (one of several) during the time I was being interviewed out in Santa Monica, CA at Red Bull’s super dope recording studio. One of the beats was used to segue in & out of the video interview. Many people who saw this interview always commented on one track in particular. I’ve seen a bunch of people make suggestions as to whom I should give the beat to or just put it out as an instrumental. I actually was never really into the beat & thought that I deleted it until

BJ & Nemo Vibin'

BJ & Nemo Vibin’

Enter: Nemo Achida… (a.k.a. Black Prince Harry) Rap PHENOMENON hailing from Lexington, KY who I met via Twitter a couple of years ago & signed to my burgeoning label Locksmith Music. One day, we were at my studio (The Rhinelander) about to get our work day started with making dope songs. So as I was going through some beats on my MPC 3000, pulling out old zip disks, I came across the “Chop Suey fan favorite” beat which I thought I deleted. Low & behold, there it was & Nemo liked it a lot. I had other opinions about it but I didn’t want to stifle his creation.

Yep... It's Teyana & Her Boobies (But Those Aren't Nemo or BJ's Hands)

Yep… It’s Teyana & Her Boobies (But Those Aren’t Nemo or BJ’s Hands)

While he was vining out to the beat, in walks m’man BJ The Chicago Kid who was in the building for a meeting. He came through to shout me out before making his exit but not only were daps given… He & Nemo met & creatively hit it off instantly.

So good people of our beautiful Hip Hop community, here is one of two collaborations between Nemo Achida x BJ The Chicago Kid & myself (88-Keys) for you audible pleasure & enjoyment.

Be sure to download & tell a friend. You won’t be disappointed… Trust!

Produced by 88-Keys for Keys Open Doors LLC / Very Good Beats, Inc.
Co-Produced & Mixed by Nemo Achida

Shout Out: Big shout out to the homey BJ The Chicago Kid for coming through & blessing us with his talent & great company. Thank you. Oh & he & I have a couple of things cookin’ up as well. You heard it hear first folks. Be on the look out!


~ by 88-Keys on December 18, 2013.

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