88-Keys – From Mom & Dad’s Basement (’01 Beat Tape)

So I found this beat tape I made (my guess is back in ’01) in my parents’ basement four days ago out in West Hempstead, NY.

Initially I thought I only sold one beat on here but a few people who’ve already heard this pointed out the track which was used in a skit on The Chappelle Show (per request of m’man Dave himself). I totally forgot about that. It had to replace a Timbaland track which couldn’t be used for unknown reasons… But if I had to guess I’d assume because I was way the f*ck cheaper. 😀

So you may recognize that beat along with another beat which was sold to Yasiin Bey back when he was Mos Def. He SPAZ’D on the beat too. Check my blog for the backstory behind THAT.

Lastly, Jay-Z recorded to one of these beats as well which, to this day, I’ve never heard the song. Maybe I will one day though… Maybe we ALL will.

Anyway, I’ve made these beats downloadable for y’all to rock with. Enjoy & just note: these beats were created 13 YEARS AGO… I’m 100x iller these days, you’ll see. Just keep up with me.

Aight… Peace!

Post Script: I believe this photo was from ’85 or so taken in my home in Eastchester in the Bronx (NY). I sloppily edited out two of my three sisters in this photo. They’re not big on “social media”… & my parents, well… Let’s just say they’re pretty “old fashion”.



~ by 88-Keys on August 3, 2014.

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