Homeboy Sandman – “Not Really” (Video)

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Nemo Achida – Conversations With Myself

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Here is a SELF-PRODUCED EP by my artist Nemo Achida. You’re going to want to download this to add to your collection of Nemo Achida music & also so you could hear how I flip each song on the upcoming remix project I’m doing for this EP. More details to come but for now, enjoy the freshness!

I Just Found This Beat: Travie McCoy Edition

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88-Keys & Travie McCoy Caving The Roof In At Ace’s In Austin, TX

Here’s a beat I made a couple of years ago which I never finished. I made this to pitch to Travie McCoy when he was working on Lazarus I believe. Again… This is unfinished material; a beat I literally cooked up in a few minutes, but could YOU hear Travie on this? Let me know. Post your comments below & share with your friends… & enemies too. Fuck it!

Shout Out: To m’man Travie McCoy yo we have to get up. I glanced at your Twitter profile & it seems like you moved (back) out here to The Rotten Apple. Holla!

R. Thentic – The Manhattan College Dorm Years (Beat Tape)

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One of my close friends, R. Thentic, just released some beats he made back in the day. He’s dope AND he’s a fellow ‘Lo Head. Oh & you have to appreciate a friend who doesn’t tweet about me bringing him along with me to Kanye‘s crib. Yeah… R. Thentic is a low key kind of dude… & a chameleon.


Fellow ‘Lo Bros. – RTNC & Eight DAWGZ

88-Keys Talks Meeting Kanye West & J. Dilla (R.I.P.)

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“You love to hear the story… Again & again.” © MC Shan

Here’s 88-Keys Going Into One of His LONG-ASS STORIES Again

(Click On That Play Symbol In The Middle of My Face Above)

Shout Out: Sean C. LV & Young Sav (Grind Music Radio)

The Making of MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio & MPC Fly

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Truth told by Sean C. @ 4:04

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MPC Minute ft. 88-Keys

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Man… I almost totally forgot about this day until I saw this on my Twitter timeline:

It took me a few minutes to figure out what the Hell this guy was talmbout but, with the help of a lil’ thing called a “search engine” (which most kids don’t know how to use these days apparently since they’re still asking me “have you done anything since that ‘Viagra’ song you did with Kanye?”) #FacePalm Needless to say I found my answer. 😉

Shout Out:

  • Citizen Cane (aka Sean C.) for bringing me aboard & allowing me to truly make a difference.

Actually… I think I’ll shout the rest of the people on my list out once I get that clearance to. Check back here for the update. #SwornToSecrecy

Aight… Peace!